What does it mean to design?
Design is the tool to improve the world.
With our minds, we create the space around us and likewise the space in which we live shapes our minds.
Designing is to create, is to live.
In these 30 years of professional activity, we have designed buildings and parts of cities chasing our dream of creating better spaces and smarter locations for the life
 of a new man, for a better future: to live happily in buildings and cities is definitely possible and also necessary.
Designers feed on images, concepts, symbols and use them to communicate ideas effectively.
We propose a journey through design and its processes, summarised in simple concepts and targeted information.
This journey of three stages starts with the concepts that underlie the design which, as with the universe, do not change from the infinitely small to the infinitely large and then continues through a series of reflections on building design and the necessary transformation of our cities.
We would like to accompany the readers, those who approach these issues along the path from the infinitely small to the infinitely large, from the atom to the megalopolis,
on a journey to discover that the rules do not change and that a design based on coherence, ethics and respect can lead to improving the lives of today and tomorrow.



. TOE (theory of everything)
. Rationality and creativity
. Coherence
. Bases, principles, ideas
. Inspiration and expression
. Related concepts

. Product design
. Design a building for the iGeneration
. (re)designing towns for the 2050

. City
. District
. Building
. Object