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Residential rental building with flexible apartments (the tenant can choose and change the layout of the space).
The aesthetics is determined by the solar technology integrated in the "skin" of the building.

Building with high comfort (cooling and dehumidification in the summer season) and zero energy consumption.


Residential-administrative building, 6 floors, new building on pre-existing building (partial renovation and extension).


The house that rises from the remains of the past.


The rental building with zero emissions and consumption.


Integration of energy saving technologies in the envelope.


Central vertical connection block. Each floor can be divided into four separate units. The spaces can be divided according to the user's needs.


Double reversible air-water thermopump. Solar collectors integrated in the southern pitch of the roof and the southern façade for the production of domestic hot water and heating. Continuous ventilation system with ground collector, heat recovery and air filtration. Photovoltaic system integrated in the south pitch of the roof and the south facade. Building automation.


First application example of "helioSKIN" (deltaZERO patent), building envelope cladding system with integration of energy production technologies.


Opaque black building envelope (integration of custom-made opaque black photovoltaic panels). Raised floor with integrated dry mountable and easily removable heating and cooling system (concept deltaZERO). Zero consumption building.

The deltaROSSO building is a highly technological building designed to guarantee the coverage of energy needs and zero harmful emissions.
The building, which houses both apartments and offices, consists of a new four-storey volume resting on the basement floor of the existing building, which serve as a base for the entire structure.
The cladding system, characterised by external opaque black glass panes, is developed with the same aesthetic characteristics both on the perimeter walls and on the roof.
deltaROSSO has been designed to meet the Minergie A standard, thanks to the integration in the pitched roof of solar collectors and a photovoltaic plant, as well as the most advanced energy saving technologies, such as a double reversible thermopump and a continuous ventilation system.
The high comfort in the apartments and offices is guaranteed by the thick thermal insulation and the continuous ventilation system with summer cooling.
The first tenants could choose the size of their apartment and propose its layout, followed by our architects.
The design therefore ensures maximum flexibility, as the apartments can be easily modified even afterwards.

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